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The Cruelty And Bloodiness Behind The Beauty

The Cruelty And Bloodiness Behind The Beauty

A long time ago, the ancient human beings had already worn jewelry and made ornaments, unfortunately some of them were made from the killed animals, such as their fur, bones, feathers, teeth, etc. To this day, the people still hunt animals for producing jewelry or other luxuries - one of the typical examples is the products made of ivories or rhino horns, and the most convenient way of getting the raw materials is killing the animals directly. A few weeks ago, a big parcel of ivory products was intercepted by a country’s customs - Obviously, several more elephants have been hunted.

For centuries a lot of species of animals went extinct because of human beings’ hunting, including of course well-known passenger pigeons and dodos. Most of the extinct animals were killed for food, however, some of them were just killed because of their fur or bones suitable to be the raw material of luxuries.

With the development of the society, more and more people started to oppose such a cruel and barbaric profit-making way, even are publicly boycotting animal products. Recently, an internationally famous clothing company has announced that they will no longer produce any animal product.
Actually, nature itself is a beautiful and miraculous treasure trove, the jewelry or ornaments made of gold, silver, or natural minerals aren’t inferior to those made from the bones or teeth of the animals, even more elegant in appearance. As a kind of precious metals which never rust and have collection value, silver is widely used in the materials of a variety of luxuries, especially jewelry. No considering the value of the material itself, a piece of carefully made silver jewelry even looks as good as a similar product made of more expensive materials, such as gold, platinum, or nonmetallic materials, so it must be the best choice for the consumers purchasing silver jewelry instead of those made from other materials. Silver jewelry has quite elegant metallic luster and high-reflectivity, usually the surface of a piece of silver jewelry has exquisitely engraved patterns, and therefore a piece of well-made silver jewelry is very collectible.
Bamboosang Jewelry- Brand story
As a brand focusing on the production and design of silver jewelry, Bamboosang provides carefully designed silver jewelry for you to select - Each of the items has not only a different appearance but also distinctive aesthetic feeling. Bamboosang will prove to you that silver jewelry can bring an ineffable beauty to you.

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