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Why silver jewelry?

Why silver jewelry?

Every now and then, when we girls are selecting jewelry & accessories, it might be a bit confusing what kind of materials would be a better choice. Well, if we’re considering on behalf of the quality, sterling silver jewelry, or we say silver jewelry, definitely is the top option.

Something you may or may not know about silver: as far as a kind of jewelry worn for thousands of years, silver jewelry has not only elegant metallic luster but also a lot of beneficial effects good for the body, such as detox, speeding up metabolism, improving immunity, etc. There’s no doubt, long-term wearing silver jewelry can improve your health to some extent. The following examples will explain what the benefits of wearing silver jewelry or using silverware are in detail.


Most women who love beauty, whether the Easterners or the Westerners, usually pierced their ears to wear earrings from the ancient times. It’s always been known that the wounds will definitely become inflamed if the worn earrings are made of iron. Fortunately, it’s not easy to cause inflammation of the wounds wearing a pair of silver earrings, and the wounds will possibly heal up more quickly because of the characteristics of silver.

Detection of toxic substances

Another important function of silver is detecting toxic substances - In ancient times, the trade caravans sometimes had to cross the remote mountain areas or forests, but usually, the bandits poisoned the water source in order to kill the traders and snatch their goods. As a result of protecting their lives and property, the traders often used silverware for cooking and dining, because silverware could detect whether there exist toxic substances in the water or not as quickly as possible.


Generally, the reason for one’s getting sick is either metabolism disorders or microbial infections. According to modern medical theory, silver is able to kill microorganisms efficiently, including some kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses. In short, wearing silver jewelry or using silverware is good for your health.

Retaining the freshness of food

A piece of silverware can keep the food in it for a relatively long time - It’s not easy to go rotten thanks to the characteristics of silver. One of the examples is that the people living in Asian deserts or steppes use fresh mare’s milk to entertain guests in general, and the container is usually an exquisite silver cup or silver bowl because silverware is not only elegant in appearance but able to keep its contents fresh as well.

Purifying water quality

Additionally, silver can kill the bacteria in the water to purify the water quality - For example, the water in an iron container will definitely get turbid after being exposed to the air for long, however, the water could be as clear as before if the container is made of silver. In ancient times, the people preferred the wine stored in the containers made of silver because of its unique aroma, and it’s believed that the water stored in a silver container for long could cure gastrointestinal diseases.

In summary, silver jewelry combines beautiful appearance and many uses, which makes it superior to the jewelry made of other materials in a sense. As a silver jewelry brand, Bamboosang provides professionally designed silver jewelry for you to choose. Hope you’ll find your favorite among our items.

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